So what makes us unique?

Let's explain the difference between a Vision backdrop and a "backdrop".

Every band should really have a backdrop. It's a small investment to make you look amazing on stage.
People will definitely remember you, it's like a very big business card.

So let's talk about our product.

Backdrops are nothing new, they have been around for many years.
A very common material when bands talk about and buy a backdrop is plastic PVC.
It's a cheap, non foldable material. After a few gigs the backdrop looks totally awful.
Luckily for you, we now offer a fabric for the same price as the PVC. 
It's foldable, washable, light weight and looks amazing gig after gig in comparison with the plastic PVC.
Our fabrics are fireproof and that's very important for many venues and festivals.
We have printed thousands of backdrops over the years and the feedback is always fantastic from our costumers.

Here are 3 customers who send us some pics of their fantastic Vision Backdrops!

Boogie Wonderband - Canada

Voodoo Six - UK

Power Fuel - France


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