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Flex Walls

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This is what you need! Our Flex Wall is fantastic!
You can use it as scrims at your concert or like a wall behind you at the merch table and much more. The stand size is flexible so it fits every occasion.
Make sure you have that little something extra. There are a lot of things that need to look good when you’re on a gig.
You might already have a backdrop and that will see you through for a while.
Do you sell merch at your concerts, sign CDs and do interviews? Then show everyone who you are!
Consider a Flex Wall behind your merch table with your logo or album cover on it. We can promise that it’ll blow everyone’s mind.
Trolley bag, print and stand are included.


System size: Width: 145-315cm. Height: 95-250cm
Print size: Width: 135-305cm. Height: 85-240cm


Polyester 205g/m² Fireproof B1


Full colour print on one side (4+0).

Templates and free Design guide

(Flex walls have no templates since its custom size. Email your request to info@visionbackdrops.com)

If you have any questions please contact us. Free Design guide Here
Also check our Order guide. No hidden fees on prices, no start up fees. Shipping price not included.

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