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Terms & conditions

VISION® applies these general sales and delivery terms (General Terms) to all customer agreements.
They are also applied to all future business relationships and agreements for which the applicability of these General Terms has not been specifically stipulated.

Commencement of Agreement
The client’s order constitutes a tender submitted to VISION®. VISION® accepts the tender by sending the customer a job order confirmation. When the email containing the job order confirmation is received by the customer, a binding agreement has been entered into.

Should the customer specify an incorrect or different delivery address, this does not mean that an agreement has been entered into with any person occupying this address. The person placing the order is the contracting party, unless the party placing the order has submitted a power of attorney granting the power to negotiate on behalf of another person and VISION® has expressly confirmed that the agreement may be entered into with this party.

VISION® reserves the right to refuse to enter into an agreement or to terminate an agreement without obligation to pay compensation if the content of the material submitted by the customer for printing is in violation of law, public order or morality, particularly in regard to material relating to pornography, trafficking or extreme depictions of violence. The determination of violation of this stipulation shall be the sole discretion of VISION®.
The agreement shall cover the production of printed materials as per the customer’s instructions and data. Shipping is provided by VISION®-contracted carriers (UPS).

All prices listed on www.visionbackdrops.com are quoted without VAT and shipping charges unless otherwise noted. The currency used is EUR.
Prices listed on www.visionbackdrops.com do not include any correction, proofreading or layout of material.
Prices are subject to change without notice. VISION® is not responsible for typographical errors in prices.
If you order without a valid European VAT number VAT 25% will be added.

Invoicing, payment periods, etc.
We require payment in advance by card. Advance payments are administered by CertiTrade.
You pay with your Visa or Mastercard through Certitrade/ Euroline 100% secure. All information is encrypted with SSL – 128 bit. The payment will be reserved on your account and pulled normally within 24 hours from the checkout. The transactions are done according to the new safetey standard “3D-Secure”.

Delivery, delays, etc.
Specified delivery times only apply for deliveries within the EU. All delivery times are quoted in workdays. ‘Workday’ refers to weekdays from Monday to Friday, excepting common holidays within the EU. The following applies to corporate/public customers (i.e. not private individuals). VISION® is only responsible for product damage (direct damage) caused by deliberate or careless conduct on the part of VISION®.
Under no circumstances is VISION® responsible for damage incurred in shipping.
Under no circumstances is VISION® responsible for lost profits, other economic loss or non-material damage incurred by the customer due to delays. Under no circumstances will compensation be paid for any business losses incurred by the customer.
VISION® is not responsible for any shipping delays.

Force majeure
VISION® is not responsible for delivery and production delays due to Force majeure or any other circumstance that significantly hinders or renders impossible the fulfilment of the agreement (specifically, strike, blockade, governmental regulations or any other unforeseen obstacle), which is outside VISION®’s area of responsibility and which is of considerable significance to the production or delivery of the product, even if the circumstance occurred at VISION®’s supplier or sub-contractor or at the shipping company.
Should an obstacle such as those described above occur, VISION® is entitled to postpone production/delivery for the time the obstacle exists plus a reasonable initiation phase, or for corporate/public customers and at the discretion of VISION®, terminate the entire agreement or unfulfilled portion thereof. A customer who is a consumer is not entitled to demand that VISION® fulfil the agreement if a circumstance such as that listed above presents an obstacle that VISION® cannot overcome, or if such fulfilment would imply sacrifices that are unreasonable in comparison with the customer’s interest in the fulfilment of the agreement.
VISION® will, without delay, notify the customer if any such obstacle occurs.

Print data & proofing obligation
VISION® carries out all printing commissions only on the basis of the print data submitted by the customer. If there are discrepancies or deviations in format or specifications, accurate printing cannot be guaranteed.
The customer is obligated to carefully examine all print data to ensure it is suitable for printing before it is submitted to VISION®. The customer is responsible for all errors in printed materials occurring due to errors in print data such as dimensions, colours, spelling mistakes, layer composition, resolution and other technical details. VISION® does not check submitted print data unless requested by the customer. At the explicit request of the customer, VISION® can examine (Data Check) and correct any errors in the customer’s data in return for agreed compensation. VISION® is not responsible for any errors that may occur during the conversion of data to the format used by VISION®. The customer is responsible for all risks associated with conversion.
If the customer does not submit data in CMYK mode, VISION® is entitled to convert this data. Conversion of RGB data or ICC colour profiles always entails a colour deviation in comparison with the original. The customer is responsible for such deviations. If data is submitted in anything other than CMYK mode, it will be converted at the customer’s own risk.
Proofs are always sent to the customer when VISION® checks print data.
By submit print data to VISION® you agree that we might use your print data in marketing purposes.

Product faults & complaints
In commissions for corporate/public customers, VISION® shall be responsible for product faults if the nature, composition or quality of the product deviates from what is set forth in the agreement, or if the product deviates from the information provided by VISION® in the agreement and can be assumed to have affected the conclusion of the agreement. 
In the event only part of the delivery contains faults, the customer is not entitled to submit claims for product faults in relation to the entire delivery.
The customer is obligated to examine the product immediately upon receipt. Faults in delivered products must be reported to VISION® within 5 workdays from the date of receipt.
VISION® is not responsible for faults arising from the failure of the customer to comply with the above stipulations concerning print data and examination obligation. This particularly applies to printed materials containing RGB colours where the resolution is too low or where imbedded text styles are used. Minor colour variations do not constitute a product fault. This also applies to colour that varies in comparison with previous products printed by VISION®.

Personal information
VISION® compiles visitor statistics on data such as number of visits, number of times individual pages are opened, immediately prior website address visited and which search engines and search words visitors use to come to us. This data helps us determine what can be changed, improved or removed. We store the IP number from the computer (server) you are using, as well as information on your browser and operating system. We also store the date and time you entered our website and where you linked from. This information is not shared with any third party. We only use this information to help us improve our website and content presentation in order to help visitors find what they are looking for. These visitor statistics do not contain any information or connections to your national identification number, birth date, name, email address or any other personal information. If you have registered as a customer on www.visionbackdrops.com directly through us or via one of our dealers, your contact information will be registered in our database. This database is strictly confidential and is only used by those employed by VISION®. The database will never be shown or sold to a third party.

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